Why You Need An Industrial Washer In Hotels

The hotel industry is changing rapidly. These changes come with improvement in the people’s standard of living. Different facilities and equipment are used in modern hotels these days, an industrial washer is one of them.

Nothing attracts guests to a hotel more than comfort, and industrial washers and other laundry equipment make any hotel a top choice for potential guests. If you must know, anybody renting a hotel room is paying for comfort, and laundry equipment is part of the comfort equations.

The hotel industry is a very competitive industry. Keeping your customers happy is not an option, but an obligation. Otherwise, you will find your way out of business in no time.

Once people are able to wash laundry easily in your hotel, they will always come back to patronize your property. We are more concerned about comfort in this part of the world.  So, having laundry equipment in a hotel is an absolute necessity.

There are several reasons why hotels need to adopt industrial washers; some of these reasons are discussed below.

Reasons You Need an Industrial Washer For Hotel Laundries

Industrial washers have made hotel laundries pretty interesting and easy. It makes the beddings and other clothing in the hotel room clean and neat. This will give unmatched comfort and convenience to guests.

Even if your hotel is charging more, people don’t mind paying extra for comfort. And it makes a lot of difference when guests can do their laundry within your property without stress. If you are still not sure, below are some of the reasons hotels need industrial washers.

It Improves the Productivity Of Hotel Laundry

An industrial washer will help to improve the efficiency and productivity of hotel laundry. It saves the quality time hotel staff could have spent washing beddings and other clothing in a hotel room.

In the long run, the number of staff in the hotel laundry unit can be reduced drastically. This results in an improved bottom line, as it will help to save labor cost. After all, an industrial washer will be more efficient than a home appliance one.

It Reduces Water Usage In Hotels

Most industrial washers use less water with improved washing quality. What this means is that you can save a few m3 of water every time you use this laundry machine. This will help to reduce energy usage and water consumption.  Every business owner wants to reduce cost, and this is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is ultimate in the hotel business. The level of comfort guests get in your hotel will determine how often they patronize you. A good industrial washer will bring this comfort to your customers.

It is always amazing when the bed sheets, pillow cases, bath/pool/spa towel, table cloths, napkin etc in your hotel are always clean. It says a lot about your business and a good industrial washer can help you achieve this.

Laundry operation is one of the most important aspects of a hotel. But most hoteliers pay little or no attention to this area, leading to bad customer experience. However, when there is an industrial washer in a hotel, guest satisfaction will increase. This will definitely cultivate customer loyalty.

Once you have an industrial washer in your hotel, you need to ensure it functions effectively. Otherwise, the purpose of having it will be counterproductive. Below are some of the tips to ensure laundry efficiency when using Industrial Washer.

How to Ensure Hotel Laundry Efficiency When Using Industrial Washer

#1. Properly Train Staff on How to Use Industrial Washer

You need to train hotel staff on how to use an industrial washer to achieve maximum efficiency. With this, they can handle the laundry operation easily.

#2. Partner With the Right Distributor Network

Where you get your industrial washer is important. Ensure you go for an experienced distributor who will be available to offer technical support after the initial sales.

There instances when an industrial washer will encounter some technical issues. When you have the right distributor network, they will always have covered.

#3. Regular Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This applies to industrial washer as well. It is advisable to be proactive about the maintenance of your laundry equipment. This will definitely help to reduce the likelihood of frequent breakdown.

Even if you get the best industrial washer for a hotel, without good maintenance, it will break down in no time. So, maintenance is absolutely necessary, don’t joke with it.

Having an industrial washer in a hotel is one of the trends in the hospitality business. Move along with trend, get laundry equipment for your property and keep your guests satisfied as always.

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