clean rooms

Hospital must always be clean. It would be ironic that such institution providing quality health services cannot meet minimum hygiene standards.

Laundry equipment is integrated into the health system. The goal is to facilitate efficient cleaning and maintenance in a clean and safe environment.

Therefore, laundry equipment, specifically used in hospital and designed for this use, also have a significant impact in maintaining the level of hygiene in a health environment.

Before Laundering, get a Reliable Laundry Service

Hospitals, regardless of size, have many patients for several days. During their stay, a healthy, stable and quality lifestyle should be maintained. This is not limited to medical services provided by the hospital. A clean environment, combined with a regular cleaning of the linen, facilitates a quick cure.

Before integrating a laundry, it is important for a hospital to have adequate space to provide a reliable laundry service. Its operation requires proper organization and trained staff under the responsibility of a director of laundry.

Meeting Patients’ needs with Hospital Laundry Equipment

The laundry equipment purchased by a hospital must be adapted to the operation and organization of the hospital according to areas corresponding to the different services and therefore to different patients and pathologies.

Indeed, the operation of a laundry in a hospital environment is mainly to adapt to different degrees and types of soiling or staining of laundry encountered in services. The guarantee for patients to find a perfectly clean linen begins with this step.

What purpose does Hospital Laundry Equipment serve?

The equipment can be used wisely in other areas of the hospital. It could be noted that it can be used to clean kitchen linens, uniforms or other inherent to the establishment. It is therefore important to provide separate laundry equipment for the cleaning of these pieces.

The Best Hospital Laundry Equipment

After carefully choosing the room, the next step is to choose the best hospital laundry equipment. It’s always a difficult decision to make. We have drawn up a list of suitable equipment for hospital linen.


Washing machines have since been reinvented and there are now washers specifically designed for hospitals. “Aseptic or barrier” washers perform the same function as traditional washers. The difference lies in the fact that they are designed to be installed on both sides of an airtight partition, thus ensuring perfect hygiene between the arrival of dirty laundry and the recovery of clean laundry. In addition, the capacity of the drums is often greater than that of front machines of same size.


After washing, the next step for clean laundry is to be dried. There are custom dryers that fulfill a wide range of functions and are particularly well suited to reduce drying times and save energy: well insulated, with optimized airflow in the drum and various options that increase their productivity and efficiency. The linen of many services or from other hospital facilities will be redistributed in their respective services in due time.

Ozone System

The impact of ozone systems can not be underestimated in hospital laundry services. Hot water is widely used when treating laundry. With an Ozone system, ozone can be generated and injected into the bath water. This results in a significant reduction in the number of products used in laundry processing. In extension, this leads to a cleaner linen and perfects the laundry work.

Hospital Laundry Equipment is Important

To maintain hygiene in hospital, it is appropriate to obtain good laundry equipment. Washers, ozone systems and dryers make it easy to clean and maintain hospital linens. There is no doubt that hospital laundry equipment is important and should be carefully selected.